About Us

Who are we?


Excoagro is a Colombian company dedicated to exporting high quality agricultural products, with commitment around society and environment, as well as with the health and safety of our producers and customers. We have about 6 years of experience exporting to the European market. 

We are located in the northern region of the department of Valle del Cauca, in the city of La Unión.


Our main producers are a group of tahiti lime producers at a remote corner of the department of Nariño, one of Colombia’s least privileged regions, with a history of violence and illegal crops, Excoagro recognized the exporting potential of this area based on the quality of the produced limes and the social side of the project, which became a mean of income and subsistence for the grower’s families.

We also have producers from other regions of Colombia; Eje Cafetero, Caldas and Huila offering a product of excellent quality and provide limes all year round.

Our packing house guarantees an optimal selection, packaging process and effective traceability to respond to the markets international requirements.


We Pack

We have a specialized team and certified packing house under the main international quality and safety standards.   

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Global G.A.P

We participated in the Global Awards 2018, nominated within growers who have achieved exceptional results through
through its commitment to GLOBALG.A.P. principles and with the
implementation of Good Agricultural Practices.


Marca colombia

Excoagro wants to raise the name of Colombia and our products before the world, showing our beauty, dedication, passion and agro-export strength. We have the great fortune of living in a rich and diverse country and with Marca País Colombia, we see ourselves as a better place for the world, making of us a place for real changes, increasing our competitiveness and the positive image of our country.


Our purpose

Excoagro purpose is to create long-term business relationships with our producers and customers, through a transparent and secure supply chain.