who are we?

About Us

Excoagro is a Colombian company dedicated to exporting high quality agricultural products, with great commitment around society and environment, as well as with the health and safety of our producers and customers.

We have products available all year around!

Our Motivation

Passion for what we do!

Reaching new international markets is what motivates us every day, bringing products that satisfy the needs of our consumers, giving a high quality certified organic product, with continuous improvement in traceability and food safety, based on ethical commerce, which includes the well-being, health and safety of workers as we protect and watch for the environment.

All of this will allow us to responsibly promote and develop the Colombian agricultural sector.

Market leaders

Be the leading company leader in the international organic market, characterized by high quality standards, continuous improvement and responsible development of the Colombian agricultural sector. 

Exporter company

Exportaciones Colombianas Agropecuarias S.A.S is a company dedicated to the organic fresh products that encourages the consumption of organic food worldwide with high social and environmental commitment. 


What represent us: 

  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Social Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Sense of belonging


  • Encourage the Colombian producer to invest in environmentally friendly crops.
  • Promote the organic market internationally.
  • Satisfy the customer by offering high quality products.
  • Train the worker in GMP to obtain a good quality reflected in the final product.
  • Promote and permanently encourage the active practice of social responsibility and pleasant work environments for employees and the supply chain.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency in the resources management.
  • Development of economic activity in compliance with current legal requirements applicable to the sector.

Citrus Latifolia

Tahití Lime

Our limes are grown under the best agricultural practices, that allow us to give an excellent quality product.

Citrus Latifolia

Organic Tahití Lime

Our line of Organic Tahiti Limes are a market leader product, environmental-friendly and 100% certified.



All the crops are certified with tne main GAP standars  Our packing plant complies with the required phytosanitary measures,  guaranteeing traceability and food safety through and effective short ans secure supply chain from fields to consumers.  At the customer’s request we will study the feasibility about other certifications.