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Citrus Latifolia

Organic Tahití lime

Our limes are grown under the best agricultural practices, which allows us to harvest a product of excellent quality. Our line of organic Tahiti Limes is a leader in the market, thanks to it’s taste, color, texture and the fact that they are 100% certified, so we can guarantee a product that is friendly to the environment, safe and sustainable.

  • Scientific name: Citrus latifolia. 
  • Common name: Tahiti lime or Persian lemon
  • Green citrus fruit
  • Fresh appearance and firm consistency
  • Sizes: 36-42-48-54-63
  • Harvest time: Year- round production.
  • Packaging: Cardboard Boxes  4 – 4.3 Kg Approx.
  • Glogal Gap, Grasp,  SMETA, Organic EU and Organic NOP certification.


  • Scientific name: Citrus X sinensis
  • Common name: Orange
  • Brix: 8.5° – 11°
  • Fresh appearance and firm consistency
  • Sizes: 2 (84-96mm) 3 (81-92mm) 4 (77-88mm) 5 (73-84mm) 6 (70-80mm) 7 (67-76mm) 8 (64-73mm) ) 9 (62-70mm)
  • Harvest time: Year- round production.
  • Packaging: Cardboard Boxes of 15 – 17 Kg Approx.

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